DREAM - Characters: Badge #1

In this section we introduce you to the characters of

DREAM- equilibrium.

We have several characters who have not made it to the drawing board yet. We hope to introduce you to them as their creation process happens.


Mutated to experience life in stereoscopic 3D. Anyones dream come true! It's a two-way street though and life will have to experience 3D Stereoscopicman too! Can he learn to control his stereoscopic self? Or will he simply walk around forever with no sense of depth at all...!

Seashells? No thank you! Corals? Yes please! Will Coralman come to terms with having pretty ocean flowers growing on him? Or will he learn to master his mutation and his set of really really sharp oyster knives!!

Before: A serious man. Now: A serious man with a clowns face and a useless glove, none of which will come off. Can you be a serious clown? Is there such a thing as a useless glove!?

The black blobs from Shadow Punkdudes gun wont reach over a meter. His yo-yo does not have a string. Can Shadow Punkdude become Shadow Punkdude? Or will he turn into...Dude?

Shave it off and be a beautiful woman again. Leave it on and learn what mysteries lie hidden in the beard! A cruel dilemma to fight for any curious woman.

This renegade scientist is not to be trifled with! His living tattoos and paperhat are not just for show.


Strong silhouetted men always have a secret. Don't fear him less because of his blue shorts and big heart!

Evil Bonzai Bad Guy takes gardening into a whole new direction with his living fingernails of creation. His Third Eye of Awareness is kept nicely wet and aware by his pet-doll monkey. Cut into one of his minions and vegetation will roam your way!

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